Summer Camp for Middle-Schoolers
Enriching thinking and writing skills through art

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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and
Poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen
—Leonardo da Vinci

Writing is part imagination and part rules of the road.
Art is a form of storytelling. Clear thinking leads to
clear writing and storytelling.

In THE WRITER’S CRAFTto enrich clear thinking and writing skills, campers explore the intersections of art, calligraphy, word games, and papercrafts .

During TWC camp, your child will engage their visual, verbal, audio, and kinesthetic senses to observe, wonder, solve problems, explore ideas, find ideas, collaborate, categorize, analyze, draw conclusions, list details, puzzle, question, write, and make.

SUPPLIES LIST…the materials we use include pens, pencils, colored pencils, paper, ruler, scissors, compass, needle and thread, glue stick. Most things you probably already have at home. Click here to view and download the simple Supplies List…SUPPLIES LIST

* * *

TWC summer program is a 6-week series where campers meet together in the same online pod with me for 3-hour sessions once a week.

My pods are small, with 12 or fewer students in each, so your child will not get lost in a huge sea of faces.

Study guides and craft templates
are made available to download and print via a link to my Dropbox.

Campers can have conversations with each other, share their thinking, and showcase their TWC creations both in our weekly meetups and on our private Padlet jamboard.

* * *

Each week we embark on a “slow looking” adventure to observe classic paintings such as Claude Monet’s “The Japanese Footbridge” or Pablo Picasso’s “Family of Saltimbanques” to explore the figurative power of line in storytelling or to create cohesive narratives and paragraphs with structural integrity and vivid details.

We experiment with various writing tools and basic elements of calligraphy to unlock some mysteries behind beautiful handwriting for personal fun, social expression, and entrepreneurial ideas.

We play with words like puzzle pieces in interactive word games that expand vocabulary in fun ways that make our expeditions into the mechanics of creative writing like exciting treasure hunts.

In every session, campers write by hand and create 3-D paper artifacts that they may share throughout the week with their peers on our Padlet jamboard. When camp is over, their creations serve as both mementos and portfolios of their accomplishments and insights gained from their unique writing adventure.

* * *

This summer, I am offering two pods, a choice of Wednesday, Thursday, or both, live and interactive via Zoom and Padlet:

Pod A – Wednesday mornings, 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

Runs June 28-August 2, 2023

Pod B – Thursday mornings, 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

Runs June 29-August 3, 2023


At the end of this fast-paced series, in addition to their personal writing, your child will takeaway:

. Artful thinking and note-taking routines

· Strategies to create colorful sentence variety and impact

· Techniques to enhance description, expression, and precision

· 12 good leads for starting essays

. Writing patterns for 6+ common compositions

. A practical understanding of literary elements
  and signaling devices

· Visual communication and handwriting insights

· Pre-calligraphy basics and a foundation to inspire
  further inquiry

· A portfolio of their handmade paper artifacts to enjoy,
  elaborate, or share

· An appreciation for writing as a personal recording device
  to chronicle their life.

Limited enrollment!  Maximum creativity!

6-Week Series * 3-Hour Sessions * Once a Week

* Live and Interactive Online via Zoom and Padlet


TOTAL COST of each pod including downloadable PDFs of study materials and craft templates, payable through PayPal: 


Early Birds SAVE $60!!
Special rate of $264 if paid in full by April 30

Regular registration ends June 1.



If you have any further questions, please call or email me.

Happy Creating!



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