English Literacy Adventures

English Adventures for Middle Schoolers
with Linda Lanza

The English Adventures is an inquiry-based learning program that develops English literacy in a respectful, nurturing, and collaborative way including positive discipline that encourages children to have ownership, motivation, and enthusiasm for language.

5-Minute Overview…
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The English Adventures program addresses all five areas of English language literacy:

. Reading
. Writing
. Listening
. Speaking
. Viewing

All sessions are conducted remotely online via a ZOOM link. Digital and hardcopy study materials are used in each session.

PDF downloads via a link are utilized for homework assignments. Homework is assigned and reviewed in every session.

Each interactive session is designed to help your child:

. understand and apply basic building blocks of English
. build a more precise and powerful vocabulary
. analyze and interpret fiction and nonfiction
. express themselves more fluently in writing, and
. communicate more reliably in English.


In The English Adventures:

We ENGAGE with interesting and intriguing learning materials
We ASK questions around a matrix of possibilities
We INVESTIGATE individual elements of English
We ANNOTATE to make connections and facilitate memory
We CREATE to apply understanding and express ideas
We DISCUSS evidence and draw conclusions
We REFLECT to deepen understanding and build confidence
We EVALUATE to build knowledge and increase mastery

The English Adventures framework utilizes highest-quality leveled curricula and varied subject matter in each session to develop and master English literacy:

. Introduction to, and mastery of, the basic conventions of English
. Sentence and paragraph construction from topic sentence to clincher
. Reading, analysis, and interpretation of fiction and nonfiction texts
. Development of vocabulary including multiple meanings
. Close reading and reasoning strategies
. Literary elements and signaling devices
. Artful thinking routines and note-taking techniques
. Writing purposes and patterns for common compositions
. Visual communication arts and handwriting techniques
. Types of organization structures within various compositions
. Strategies to create sentence variety and effectiveness
. Methods to enhance description, emphasis, and precision


The English Adventures
Supplies List

BASIC (all students)…

. Simple notebook or journal with lined paper
. #2 or HB pencil
. Pencil sharpener
. Eraser
. A computer with the latest Zoom app and reliable wifi connection
. A keyboard and word processing app to type documents and save in PDF format

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